Underground art in Stockholm’s metro

Tekniska Högskolan station

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New year, new me, right? As one of my new year’s resolutions was to get back to writing, let me start right here, in Stockholm!

I visited Stockholm in August 2018 with my parents. It was my first time, didn’t expect much, and oh boy, how nice it was! I enjoy cities on the water, so that definitely helped. But also, the architecture was great and the inner city and people had some kinda luxurious vibe to it!

Of course, could it even be called a trip to Stockholm without visiting some of its metro stations? Again, didn’t expect much (or actually I didn’t know what to expect), but they were amazing! It truly stands up to it’s nickname as underground art gallery. Here, I am recommending you my TOP 6 stations you can’t miss! Make sure to visit when you are in Stockholm, they definitely won’t disappoint.


1. Kungsträdgården station

This was definitely a station I liked the most! Very unique, full of fauna and flora and old French statues. It lies in the end of blue metro line.

Kungsträdgården metro station

2. Solna centrum

Also on the blue line, one of the most popular stations – Solna centrum – reminds you of burning skies over the woods. Or.. is it just me?

Solna metro station

3. Rådhuset

The station just under the Court house reminded me of entrance to hell. Not that I would know how that looks like, obviously. Same as the two previous one, you can find it on the blue line.

Rådhuset metro station

4. T-centralen

T-centralen is the biggest station, as it is the main transfer hub. This was the first station built, that featured artwork. The art is very calming – blue and white, full of flowers painted all over.

T-centralen metro station

T-centralen metro station

5. Tekniska Högskolan

This station, right under the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, was built to make lives of students and professors easier and help them get quicker to the university. It is a celebration to scientific discoveries and advancement. The centrepiece would definitely be this polyhedra (I totally googled this) and it represents the five elements – air, water, fire, earth and ether. Station can be found on the red metro line.

Tekniska Högskolan station

6. Stadion

This bright rainbow totally has to brighten your day! The station is on the red line and it is close to the Olympic Stadium, which still serves as important arena, hosting sports events and concerts.

Stadion station Stockholm

Do you have any recommendation on which stations I have to see when I am in Stockholm again? Of course we didn’t have time to see them all, and I am sure there are some more worth seeing! 

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