Moody canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Long time no see! My time is flying by like crazy right now, filled by travels, study and work. Talking about travels, here is a little recap of our trip to Amsterdam!

Coming from Denmark, we are pretty used to the rain, but still.. It’s not really what you want when exploring completely new city, right? Oh well, Amsterdam welcomed us with gloomy and moody weather, but it definitely didn’t keep us locked in the hotel room!

Speaking of hotel room though, we stayed at XO Hotel Couture and it was a great decision! Hotel is very modern and fancy, with lovely, big rooms. So right after the arrival and a quick chill in the hotel bed, we headed out to explore!

As a first thing, we visited Anne Frank’s house, which was crazy emotional for me! Not gonna lie, I shed some tears. Suddenly, all those papers of Anne Frank’s diary became alive right in front of me. I definitely recommend to visit, very strong experience.

But oh boy, it was cold and rainy and our mood, god knows why, got really affected by the weather. So we headed back to the hotel for the day, ended up ordering food from Uber Eats, you know the drill, haha.

The following day, we woke up full of enthusiasm! The sky has cleared up and it looked like nice, sunny day in the Netherlands. Our first steps went to Prins Heerlijk, where we got some gooood breakfast! We came back to this place two days later, that’s how good it was!

And what do you do when in Amsterdam? You drink Heineken. So we went to the Heineken Experience museum, or.. is it even a museum? Anyway, had a lot of fun and a lot of great beer!

That day, we ate lunch in Foodhallen, which is basically just a huge place filled with street food. Again, we came back the following day. You know, we appreciate quality! And low prices.

Else, Amsterdam is not so rich on places you have to see. Not so many landmarks, sights, nothing like that. But that’s the charm of it! Just walking by the canals, taking a boat tour, smelling all those tulips, avoiding bikes, smelling marijuana (everywhere)… 

I, as a perfect example of Insta-obsessed people, got this café – Coffee & Coconuts recommended. Oh well, Instaheaven it is. But somehow we didn’t really find ourselves to be those raw-vegan-gluten-free people, so we still preferred the other breakfast place over this. But don’t get me wrong, the food was great, just not completely our taste.

For the last day we had the famous Iamsterdam sign left, as well as these colorful houses of Damrak. Great ending of our trip!

Gotta admit, Amsterdam kinda blew me away. It was never highly ranked on my bucket list, but there totally is something about this city. Reminds me of Copenhagen, with the canals, but the atmosphere is somehow very different. I will definitely be back, sooner or later.

And you? Have you been to Amsterdam before? Do you have any places to recommend, so we know where to head the next time?

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