About having two homes…

For the last six years I have most of the time lived two places at the same time. One of them being my true home in Slovakia. The other one was constantly changing. But which of these places did (do) I really call HOME?

slovak mountains

Prague, Czech republic

I spent 3,5 years living in Prague, while doing my Bachelors. But no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t call it a home. Maybe because I have only lived in the dorms and to be honest, I don’t think dorms can ever evoke that home-ish atmosphere. But it wasn’t only that and I can’t really explain it. For all that time I couldn’t find out what my place was, what would make me happy. And even though I love Prague itself, the architecture, amazing cafés, people… I just needed to leave. And so I did, twice.

charles bridge, prague

Long Beach, California

The place where I escaped to from Prague. And the first place away from home, that actually felt like home. I think it was mostly about the people, as I feel that that cliché “friends that turned into family” describes it perfectly. And plus the weather, food and the ocean, what is not to love?! But honestly, I find myself remembering the times in Long Beach so often, that I am not even sure if it’s healthy. How can you still miss one place after such a long time? I don’t know, but I can definitely say, I left a big part of my heart here.

long beach california

Copenhagen, Denmark

My current home. And yes, I do call it a home. Even though, it took me long time to accept it. I knew that moving here was the right decision and I knew that it wouldn’t be easy. But in the beginning I felt like everything here was against me and nothing felt like home. I tried. I tried so hard, but I kept on failing. But then, something changed. Or, everything changed. You know, when they say that everything will be fine and it will happen when you expect it the least? It is true, believe me.

christianshavn, copenhagen

So now I have two homes again. I love going back home to Slovakia as much as I love coming back home to Denmark, if that makes sense. And I want to keep it this way. The atmosphere of home created by your partner, job and school at one side and the atmosphere of home created by your family, friends and all the memories on the other side. Having two homes is great! Isn’t it?

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  1. I am in the same situation. I was born in Slovakia. But I went to study university to Italy. I fell in love with Italy even though not everything is perfect. So now I have two homes and I feel pretty lucky.


    1. Adriana says: Reply

      Nothing is perfect, no matter where you live 🙂 But sounds great with Italy, definitely much warmer than here in the north! 😀

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